Schindewolf-Stout-Crates Funeral Home

The Schindewolf-Stout-Crates Funeral Home in Kenton, Ohio, offers professional services, modern facilities and a staff available to you and your family day or night. Over 140 years of service indicates the level of trust families have placed in our funeral home, taking care of loved ones during the most difficult times in life.

Crates Funeral Home

Our first funeral home, the Arlington funeral home was started in 1968, a farmhouse owned by Herbert Crates ("dad, grandpa"). Dad was kind enough to furnish the house for our beginning. A lot of hours turned this farmhouse into the funeral home as you see it now. We started that first year with a mere 5 funerals.

Coldren Crates Funeral Home

In 1976, we purchased the Coldren Funeral Home from Rex Coldren. The reputation the Coldren family had established here in Findlay prompted us to save the name and add our last name (Coldren-Crates).

Smith Crates Funeral Home

In 1987, we purchased the Smith Funeral Home (formerly the Frank Paden Funeral Home) from Jeff Smith. As a long established funeral home in the North Baltimore community, we also agreed to keep the name and entitle the funeral home "Smith-Crates".

Current Services